‘If you want to run, let’s run’

New York Giants rookie cornerback Tae Banks isn’t afraid of the challenge the Miami Dolphins fast-paced offense present this week. Banks is looking forward to facing the speed the Dolphins possess, especially since he’s a fast guy himself.

“Speed doesn’t scare me. But we will respect it,” Banks said, via NorthJersey.com. “I’m a fast guy, too. If you want to run, let’s run. If you want to run, we can run.”

The Dolphins have the five fastest speeds by a ball-carrier in the NFL this season, two by Devon Achane, two by Tyreek Hill, and one by Raheem Mostert. Banks will certainly be seeing Hill and Jaylen Waddle — who surprisingly isn’t on this list — on Sunday.

Per Next Gen Stats, here are the fastest ball-carriers:

Can Banks handle what’s coming with the Dolphins offense? Banks is undergoing a trying rookie season, as opposing quarterbacks targeting him have completed 58.8% of their passes for 105 yards with two touchdowns for a 102.8 passer rating. He hasn’t allowed a completion of 20-plus yards and just 6.2 yards per attempt.

Banks hasn’t been beaten on deep passes yet, even though the Dolphins are a different beast. He’s ready for the test, which is why he was a first-round pick in the first place.

“I belong here. I don’t feel like I need approval or anything like that. You feel me,” Banks said. “I know I belong here, and I don’t back down from nothing. I’m gonna line up the next play and be ready to go, keep going.”

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